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Air conditioning systems are installed to provide a comfortable working environment and like a car they require that aftercare servicing and maintenance which we would be pleased to provide.

Parker Air Conditioning carryout maintenance under the HVAC guidelines. This allows systems to operate more efficiently - a clean filter allows the air to pass with less resistance, less work for the fan, fewer breakdowns.

Refrigeration systems require to be checked for leaks to comply with current legislation. This all comes under the banner of maintenance and we have a department set up to provide a first class service and keep your system operating.

If your system should fail, don't worry, our office staff are the first point of call for any problems either reactive or proactive and their efficient response to any callouts will put you at ease as they arrange for one of our mobile service staff to attend to get your system operating again as soon as possible.

We carryout maintenance of several types of systems from air handling units to chillers, BMS controls to a split system operating on a wall thermostat.

Is your air conditioning in need of an overhaul?

Why put your computer room at risk? What would be the impact of a failure to your computers? Contact us to maintain your plant.

Please contact Steve Cummings should you require further information